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Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them.

Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The maker of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

All pictures on this page are from my own collection, but are not my copyright. If you wish to repost or reuse them would you please out of courtesy let me know.

newport isle of wight st thomas's ce church  outside

Interior of St Thomas CE Church, Newport

St Thomas's (CE) Church Newport. This was built in the 1850's 

replacing one dating from 1175.  It is now known as Newport Minster

(Peacock) For more information

The inside of St Thomas's (CE) Church Newport. 

Probably around 1903. (Woodbury)

St Thomas of Canterbury R C Church, Newport

newport isle of wight st thomas of canterbury rc church  inside

St. Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church, Newport built in 1791. Card probably around 1920. (Premier)  For more information

The inside of St. Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church,

 date uncertain, the altar rail has now been removed

newport isle of wight town quay

newport isle of wight artistic view of quay

The railway bridge, Newport Quay. The span in the centre 

slid open to allow barges to go through. The railway was

 closed in 1966 and the bridge demolished. (Collis)

An artistic view of the warehouses at Newport Quay dated 1905, 

described as 'Venice, Newport'. (Tuck)

Shipping at newport quay

newport isle of wight river medina

A busy view of Newport Quay, 1907. (Welch)

A 1907 view looking towards Newport harbour. The bridge above 

may be seen behind the tug. The white building on the left was 

built on the hull of an old boat and was known as Noahs Ark. (Welch)

newport isle of wight seaclose swimming pool

River Medina looking towards Cowes

Seaclose open air swimming pool, Seaclose Park, Newport. 

Long closed. (Valentine)

A view along the River Medina towards Cowes, Newport Rowing Club is on the left, and Cement Mills may be seen in the distance. (Sweatman)

River Medina, Newport

 Artistic view of Newport Cement Mills

Another view from slighty further up the River Medina. (Dean)

An artistic view described at 'The River Medina' which would appear 

to be  'Cement Mills'. (Tuck Oilette)

newport isle of wight albany barracks

At the River' Bank, Blackwater

Albany Barracks, Parkhurst, Newport, undated. I think 

the barracks became part of Camp Hill prison.

A rural scene at Blackwater, south of Newport, described as

"At the River' Bank" from around 1910

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