Isle of Wight

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Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them.

Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The maker of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

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multiview card of Newport Isle of Wight

An undated multiview card. The only unusual picture is that on the bottom left, 

Cricket ground, Victoria Road. This is just to the west of the town centre. (Valentine)

newport isle of wight from mountjoy

newport isle of wight nodehill school

A view over Newport from Mountjoy. This is looking north and the river

Medina may be seen at the top of the picture. Card is dated 1915. (Ideal)

Described as 'Technical Institute, Newport this building subsequently became a Grammar school, and is currently Nodehill Middle School. Card from around 1909. (Welch)

newport isle of wight market day in st james square

Newport High Street 1905

St James Square, Newport showing the livestock market

from around 1910. For many years the square was used as a bus terminal,

but is now part of the notorious Newport one way system. (LL)

Looking east along High Street, Newport with 

Guildhall in the distance, around 1905. (Peacock)

Newport High Street 1910

Newport High Street

High Street, Newport taken from in front of Guildhall. St Thomas's Square and the parish church are on the left. The Eagle pub became Morris's department store. Dated 1910. (Wyndham)

An  view around 1910 looking down Newport High Street. (MJR)

newport isle of wight high street 1930

newport, isle of wight, high street 1950

Newport High Street in the 1930's.The Victoria monument on the right. (Valentines)

Newport High Street in the 1950's. Note the 

policeman doing point duty (directing traffic). (Photo Precision)

newport isle of wught victoria memorial

newport isle of wight guildhall

Queen Victoria's memorial in St James Square, Newport, 1903

Described as 'Town Hall' but now known as Guildhall, 1903
Newport Old Grammar School Newport Towngate Mill
Newport Old Grammar School, in Lower St. James Street, undated but certainly prior to 1910, when the Star Hotel (left) was destroyed by fire. Built around 1614, it was reputedly where Charles I was held prior to being moved to London for his execution. Towngate Mill, Newport. This was at the bottom of Hunnyhill. It was originally a medieval mill site, although the mill shown was build in  1836. It ceased working in 1939 and was demolished in 1998. The pond has recently been restored. (Ideal)
Railway Bridge, Hunnyhill, Newport

The Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway Bridge

over Towngate Pond (at the foot of Hunnyhill). Undated.

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